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7854 Pearblossom Highway
Littlerock, CA 93543

Sunday School 9:00am, Worship Service 10:00am
Phone (661) 944-3231
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To know Jesus Christ as Savior and make Him known through: Spirit-filled worship, passionate evangelism, loving fellowship, obedience to scripture, support of worldwide missions, and service to our community.

“Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift!” (2 Corinthians 9:15)

“Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift!” (2 Corinthians 9:15)

What a simple, yet profound statement is made by the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Corinthians.  He is rendering thanks to God, but he uses the term “inexpressible gift”.  What is this inexpressible gift.  Each year, my family is in the habit of giving gifts for birthdays and for Christmas because we want to show value for the person to whom we are giving gifts.  Accompanying the gifts are the usual thank you’s.

But I don’t think any of us have ever used the term “inexpressible” when giving thanks for our gifts.  That is rightly so because there is only one gift that is truly inexpressible.  All of us were born with a sin nature.  That means that we were born with a natural bent toward some sin or sins.  For some it is a bent toward lying, for others it is stealing, for others it may be alcoholism or drugs, for others it may be homosexuality, for others a sexual relationship outside of marriage, for others it may be a strong desire to have what someone else has, but all of us have a natural bent to do something that is not right and God calls that sin.

Due to the justice of God, he couldn’t just look the other way and forgive or pretend that we had not sinned.  Our sins had to be paid for and that’s where Jesus Christ comes into the picture.  God sent his One and Only Son, Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins.  The value of God’s Son was inexpressible.  He was and is God who became flesh and lived among us humans so that he could fully understand what temptations are because he faced them, yet without sinning. 

He paid the price not just for one person’s sins but for all of those who would place their personal faith and trust in him.  This demonstrates just how valuable the life and death of Jesus Christ was and is to God the Father.  As we reflect upon the “inexpressible gift” that God has bestowed upon us, let us continue to give thanks to God for the gift that we did not earn or merit, but that God has graciously given us!

Dr. Chuck Pedersen, Pastor
Littlerock Community Church

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25thPrayer and Devotional Bible Study 9 - 10am. Paint Night 6pm
26thSunday School 9 - 9:50am, Sunday Worship 10 - 11:20am.
M-F Sanctuary available for prayer 10am-12pm
27th Weight Watchers 5pm.
28th Cub Scouts 6pm.
29thDelta Cub 5:45 - 7:30pm.
30thChoir practice 5:30 - 6:30pm.
2nd Prayer and Devotional Bible Study 9 - 10am. Paint Night 6pm
3rd Sunday School 9 - 9:50am, Sunday Worship 10 - 11:20am. Annual Christmas Fellowship  meal after worship service.


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